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He is not here, for he is RISEN. Matthew 28:6

Bridge into the Woods
March 24, 2024


Sunday School: Bro Lawrence

Series:  New Series

Title:  The First Resurrection Sunday

Text:  Matt 28:1-10

11 AM Service: Pastor I. Bueckert

Hymn # 599, 608, 601, 624

Title: Stephen, The Mighty Waiter of Widows

Text: Acts 6:8-15

6 PM Service: Pastor I. Bueckert

Hymn # 611, 627, 636, 635

Title: Benediction of 1 Thess

Text: 1 Thess 5:12-28


February volunteer schedule also posted at the back
and on our messenger and whatsapp group 
Nursery sign up sheet also posted on the back bulletin board

March 31st: Easter Sunday Service | Potluck after main Service

March 31st: Receive a love offering towards church ministry projects

April 5th: Pastors Conference @ RDBBC

April 12th: Ladies Fellowship - 7pm @ Sis. Kristis House

April 20th: Soul Winning Saturday

Apr 25-27: Couples Retreat @ Old Paths Baptist Church

FBI: Semester 5 will begin January 17th

Choir Practice: 4:30 

Memory Verse: Acts6:10
And they were not able to resist the wisdom and the spirit by which he spake.

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